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The first of two Lance Star: Sky Ranger teases. This one from the upcoming novel, "Cold Snap!"

Ron Fortier: Only a few weeks ago we announced that Pulp Factory Award winning artist Clayton Murwin had signed on to do the illustrations and cover for writer Author Bobby Nash’s (himself a PF Award winner) first ever Lance Star Sky Ranger novel called “Cold Snap.” Not only has Clayton begun work on the interior pieces, he took a moment to do up a terrific new Lance Star piece pictured below. Though not the official cover, we loved it so much and had to share it with all of you. Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks Clayton. That piece would make a great print/poster. Hint – hint.

Oh, and a reminder, there are already 4 Lance Star Sky Ranger anthologies, a novella, short stories, & a comic book still available at Amazon. Below is the cover to Vol one.

Learn more and find links at http://lancestar.blogspot.com

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New Art


Broadswords & Blasters

BroadSwords And Blasters Cover5dFinal100dpi.jpg
Blind Justice Final copy100dpi res copy.png

"Lady Justice " Modernized

Finished this for a client for his Law practice. Here is “Lady Justice” as a Modernized Super Heroine. The client originally wanted a more traditional piece but then it morphed into a SuperHeroine piece, the client is Happy and that’s all that matters.




I’ve just been informed that Won the Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Cover of 2022 for Pulp Reality #2 by Charles F. Millhouse and StormGate Press. (which also won best anthology) I want to thank everyone who voted for my Cover for PR2. Also, Author Charles F. Millhouse won the Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Novel with “Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy” for which I had also done a cover for. 


Also Congratulations to Stephen Burks for interior art for Pulp Reality 3 and Congratulations to Brian K Morris for his short story "Snow Ambition" published by Bobby Nash at Ben Books.


I’m gobsmacked by the recognition that I have received for my Best Pulp Cover Award, I’d also like to say Thanks to Ron Fortier, Rob Davis, Van Allen Plexico and everyone involved with the Pulp Factory Awards and the organizers of the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention.


And a Special Thank you to Brian K Morris for accepting the Best Pulp Cover Award on my behalf. Thank you .


Captain Hawklin
10th Anniversary
Card set


The Batman
pencil Drawing

THe Batman-100 dpi.jpg

Shark  Repelent
16X20 oil on Canvas

Rwally Batman.jpg

Recipient of painting

Captain Hawklin
10th Anniversary
Coming Soon In 2022 By Author: Charles F. Millhouse I've done two cards for the set. 
A sneak
peak featured here.

10th anniversary promo.jpg

Detective Comics # 651
Kelley Jones

Cover Recreation
By: Clayton Murwin

Kelley Jones recreationcomplete5.jpg
Kelley Jones recreation inks.jpg


Kelley Jones recreation.jpg


Kelley Jones

"This is really wonderful!This was the first Batman drawing I did for DC, it was a inventory piece eventually used as a cover.You did an amazing job on this Clayton Murwin.I'm pretty odd in my approach and you caught the energy perfectly.Really well done!The inks are great!"

Kelley Jones Comment on my art
Kelley Jones Original Cover Art

Now Available On Amazon
Captain Hawklin
"The Invisible Enemy"
By Author:
Charles F. Millhouse



Click - The Image Above ,
To Purchase Your Copy Today!

Cover Artist Clayton Murwin AKA
The Hero Maker

Available Now!!
Another great 
CPT. Hawklin 

Author Charles F. Millhouse Presents...
Captain Hawklin 
The Invisible Enemy
With Cover Art By Clayton Murwin AKA The Hero Maker

Now in Paperback and Ebook.


Siberia 1931

Captain Steven Hawklin is known worldwide as an adventurer, explorer, and hero. Mantles put to the test when he is faced with humiliation after the destruction of the Osiris Project.

Unable to face failure, Steven takes a dark path, turning his back on his dreams, his career, and his friends. When he is approached by Alla Sokol, a Russian scientist on the run from her government after the failure of a secret Soviet project, Steven finds a path to his own redemption in the frozen wastelands of Siberia.

They are pursued by a relentless Russian Major, hell bent on eradicating anyone involved in the experiment. Can Steven prevent him from killing Alla, stop the invisible creature created by the insidious research, and deal with his own demons in the process?

" Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy" is a throwback to times gone by, in the tradition of Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones and the Rocketeer.


USA:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B099C3GKF8/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0...

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/.../B099.../ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0...

      CANADA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B099C3GKF8/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0...


USA:  https://www.amazon.com/.../B099KW.../ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0..

UK:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/.../B099.../ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0...

CANADA: https://www.amazon.ca/.../B099KWC3C2/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0...

News & Updates

Coming  This Summer!!!Another great CPT. Hawklin Adventure


News & Updates

available now!!!

From Author & Publisher Charles F. Millhouse's Storm-Gate Press
The time is NOW!!

PULP REALITY #2 Paper-back is on SALE NOW!
TEN new stories and art from today's top talents in New Pulp, With Cover Art by Clayton D. Murwin AKA The Hero Maker.

Get your copy now. 
(E-book coming soon)
Click The image Below To Purchase
resized PR2 cover.jpg

Published by: Charles F. Millhouse's / StormGate Press

News & Updates

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Coming Soon


Cover Art

This is what you can expect in Pulp Reality 2 (PR2) content wise. Also in this post check the process photos for the PR2 Cover by little ole me.

2021 Update. (The info herein was taken from Charles F. Milhouse page)

Pulp Reality 2 (PR2):

  As of this writing, all stories and art have been turned in for the second issue of the pulp adventure publication. This issue we have some returning writers and artists, as well as a couple new people joining us. The complete list is as follows:

Charles F. Millhouse and artist Damián Avilés are bringing you the first written adventure of NightVision:

Bobby Nash and Artist Clayton Murwin are working together on a Snow story

Newcomer Marlin Williams and Jeffrey Hayes are teaming up for the first time to bring you a pirate tale.

Amy Hale and Ted Davies come together for a spooky tale.

Scott Donnelly is writing, and supplying the art for his fantastic tale.

Kellie Austin and artist Erikius Castro are working on the Part II of the Ace Anderson adventure.

Brian K. Morris and Candice Comelleri are teaming up to bring Brian's immortal Doc Saga and Charles Millhouse's Captain

Hawklin together for the first time.

Clyde Hall, and Stephen Burks are continuing the adventures of B-Man

Ron Fortier and Rob Davis are bringing a short story to print for the first time.

And Carl Dietrich and Lance Footer are coming together for an Egyptian tale.

There will be a cover reveal and other promotional things happening in the next several weeks, so stay tune. You can expect PR2 in late May - Early June 2021

Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy. I'm busy writing the ninth tale in the series. This one will be a bit different then previous books in the series. I waited until this time to write the 1931 adventure because it takes Steven Hawklin down a dark road. For those who have read the series from the start, you've only been given pieces of what happened with the Osiris Project. the Invisible Enemy will deal with Steven coming to terms with what happened and how he deals with the aftermath. Like I said, Captain HAwklin goes down a dark path.

Eclipse: A Novel in the Serena Darkwood Adventures: Yes, I'm finally writing the second book in the series (I'm asked a lot when this is going to happen). I'll start writing in May, with a late fall 2021 release date. More details after I begin writing.

And there you have it... besides some other short stories I plan on writing, sometime in April, 2021 is going to be a busy year. As more details come together I'll give you some more information on other projects this year.

Happy Reading.

By Charles F Millhouse - 4:28 AM

Here are some shots of the creation of the cover for Pulp Reality 2 by Clayton Murwin.

resized PR2 cover.jpg


Pulp Reality 2 Coverfinal3 300 dpi.jpg
Pulp Reality 2 Cover inks 300 dpi.jpg
Pulp Reality2 Pirate Cover 300dpi.jpg

Hero Maker NEWS:

Loey The Liger

My friend Shamus Smith President of the children’s charity “League Of Enchantment “ has a comic for the kids with childhood diseases on Indiegogo. I have also done Art for a variant cover for it, can you help us promote it, by sharing it, or if you feel led to do so pledge and support the campaign. I’d really appreciate it. Click the image below for the link to the campaign!

Loey The Liger 6 variant.jpg



Well I have completed the Cover Homage to Detective Comics Issue #312

Original Cover was done by Sheldon Moldoff 1968.

Homage to DC issue 312.jpg


Shadow Of The Bat5.jpg


Wild Wild West 

Wild Wild West.jpg

11x14 Bristol Board Paper Inks & Colored Pencils


The Shadow -Of The Bat3.jpg


By Clayton Murwin

 © DC Comics ALL BATMAN & DC COMICS characters, character names, slogans, logos, and related indicia are trademarks of and copyright DC Comics and/or Warner Brother Studios

 The DC logo is a trademark of DC Comics


BOBBY NASH's Lance Star


Charles F. Millhouse's

Captain Hawklin

Art By Clayton Murwin

Hawk & Star final inks.jpg

Charles F.Millhouse's 

Art by Clayton Murwin

Zane Carrington Adventures2.jpg

Bomber Beauties
Sketch- cards

Bomber Beauties Sketch Card set.jpg

Hero Maker NEWS:

This is My 2020 charity sketch-card set, For Bomber Beauties sketch-cards

The inscription of art work on military planes dates to World War I, when paintings were usually extravagant company or unit insignia. However, regulations were put in place after the war to stymie the practice.

As the United States entered World War II, nose art regulations were relaxed, or in many cases totally ignored. WWII would become the golden age of aircraft artistry.

What is Nose Art?  Nose art is a decorative painting or design on the fuselage of an aircraft, usually on the front fuselage.

While begun for practical reasons of identifying friendly units, the practice evolved to express the individuality often constrained by the uniformity of the military, to evoke memories of home and peacetime life, and as a kind of psychological protection against the stresses of war and the probability of death. The appeal, in part, came from nose art not being officially approved, even when the regulations against it were not enforced.

Because of its individual and unofficial nature, it is considered folk art, inseparable from work as well as representative of a group. It can also be compared to sophisticated graffiti. In both cases, the artist is often anonymous, and the art itself is ephemeral. In addition, it relies on materials immediately available.


Our artists will be creating their own versions of iconic artwork.  Packs will go on sale this fall and each pack will contain at least 2 hand drawn sketchcards,  Proceeds from the sale will benefit these charities:

Charity List

1. New Orleans Musician's Clinic - a non-profit organization that provides needed health services to musicians in the Greater New Orleans area, who are otherwise unable to access these services on their own. Click HERE for more information.

2. Angelman's Syndrome Foundation - a non-profit organization supporting research for the cure for this disease. Click HERE for more information.

3. The National WWII Museum, New Orleans - Your support allows future generations to better appreciate the real stories of our heroes, their struggle and sacrifice. You can help us to honor the legacy of the “Greatest Generation” in a variety of ways.  Click HERE for more information.

VIsit their WEbsite at www.https://bomberbeauties.com

 for more info.

Hero Maker 




Charles F Millhouse

March 1936

Deep in the Amazon Rain Forrest, there is a legend of a lost Mayan city, protected by an army of the dead.

In a desperate pursuit to find the city, Captain Steven Hawklin and his sister, Juno Li are pitted against a ruthless Nazi general with delusions of world domination.

Surrounded by cutthroats and villains at every turn, Steven, and Juno team up with an unlikely hero, as they race across South America to find and protect the secrets of the ancient city.

Captain Hawklin and the Ghost Army is a throwback to yesteryear. With high-flying action, two-fisted heroes and devilish villains – in the tradition of Doc Savage, Commando Cody and the Rocketeer.


2020-07-26_TheShadow 2 Ralph Grassocolor
2020-07-26_TheShadow 2 Ralph Grasso.jpg
The Shadow Pencils1200dpi 1.jpeg


commission for client

Hero Maker NEWS:


Showdown At Scavnegers Quay


Above: The Hero Makers Artwork for
Pulp Reality magazine story by: Author 
Bobby Nash

Pulp Reality Cover.jpg

The Bullpen: For Artist and Writers of Stormgate Press "Pulp Reality" magazine


Good Morning Everyone:

As it looks now for the first issue of Pulp Reality Magazine the match ups of writers and artists are as follows.

Brian K Morris


Stephen Burks

Bobby Nash


Clayton Murwin

Clyde Hall


Ted Davies

Paul Barile


Andy Shaggy Korty

Pete Lutz


Lance Footer

Rick Bradley

and Lawrence Everett

Charles F Millhouse


Damián Avilés

Kellie Austin


Candice Comelleri

I am humbled that there are so many talented people involved in this project. This is a DREAM TEAM to be sure and I know we will hit issue one out of the park!!

Author: Charles F. Millhouse

Hero Maker NEWS:

Captain Hawklin
The Ghost Army

Hero Maker NEWS:

"Captain Hawklin and The Ghost Army" book 8 in the series with the Cover Art created by Clayton D. Murwin AKA The Hero Maker, is