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Out with the Old, In with the New!

Well, today is Sunday December 29th and as 2019 sees it’s last few days slowly fade, I wanted to take a moment to reflect. This past year has had its ups and downs, that being said it has been very lucrative as far as my art work goes. I have actually put out more art this year than I have in the past 10 years. Now that’s saying a lot. My Batman Sketch cover books were popular, and I have done a lot of charity work this year as well. I have produced two large oil paintings this year as well that were Batman themed. One was donated too Charity for Comic Artist William Messner Loebs, and the other was bought by a soldiers fiancé for him for Christmas!

I still was not reunited with my lovely wife yet, but looking for that to happen in 2020, fingers crossed. So for the most part 2019 has been a good year for my art. I completed a cover for client Charles F, Millhouse for his Captain Hawklin book series, he was very pleased with the final results. And I have been assured that he will retain my services for the remainder of his covers for the series. I did fall behind on my commissions due to the high demands of my day job at Amazon.

But rest assured everyone who commissioned me for work will receive their commissions asap. I hope that this New Year will bring even more opportunities for not only myself but for each and everyone one of you! so with that being said I want to wish each of you a very Happy And Prosperous New Year in 2020!

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