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Day Rate-Pricing

Price's listed below are what my "Day Rate" is for certain work depending on time and scope of work, prices could be higher or lower if hours worked are more or less than a 8 hr day


Day Rate: $160 a day


That's for a 8 hour day at $20 an hour



Comic Book/Magazine Cover work:  $200 - $500


Pencils: $100 - $250


Concept/Character- Designs: $30 single character


Inks/Finishes: $85 - $100


Digital Coloring: $25 - $85


Pin-Ups : $100 - $300



All Other Works


 Story-boards: Day Rate


Poster Art/ Promotional Art: Day Rate


Logo Design: $400


Oil-Painting's: Day Rate

Photo-Retouching: Day Rate




Traditional Portraits, Paintings : Day Rate

FREE Fallen Hero Portraits For Gold Star Families:Penciled Portraits only

Other Penciled Portraits: person: Day Rate person: Day Rate



Prices do not include tax or S/H charges.


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