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Futures That Never Were (Broadswords and Blasters Book 13) 


Why settle for a broadsword or a blaster when you can have both?

Collected here are one kick-ass essay about the history of sword and planet fiction, and twenty daring new tales in the style of those classices, all set to spark the imagination and set pulses racing. Whether it is soaring on Martian thermals or facing down the flesh-machines of Janus-VI, this collection has something for every fan of action packed science fiction.

So fire up those retro rockets and get ready to explore strange new vistas in these tales of Futures that Never Were.

Cover Artist Clayton Murwin

Broadswords & Blasters Cover by Clayton Murwin

The Winner of the 2021 Pulp Factory Award for Best Anthology and Best Cover by Damian AvilesCar chases, two-fisted heroes, underwater mayhem, the coming of B-Man...!! This is Pulp Reality.

A collection of seven short stories from today’s top authors and artists in the genre of NEW PULP.

Take a seat, as we pull back the curtain on days gone by – with heroic escapades of yesteryear and edge of your seat adventures in the vein of the old pulps from the golden-age of storytelling.

Several Interior Illustrations
by Artist Clayton Murwin

Stormgate Press Presents: Ten new short stories from today’s leading authors and illustrators in the New Pulp genre. Packed with Pirates, Private Eyes, Aliens, automatons, villains and vigilantes. High adventure, wondrous fantasy, mysterious horror and startling science fiction await you. Be transported to astonishing places and travel to amazing times in the Golden Age, Pulp Style. This is Pulp Reality 2.

Cover Artist: Clayton Murwin

Pulp Reality 2 Cover by Clayton Murwin
Pulp Reality #1
Pulp Reality #3

Pulp Reality returns with a brand-new issue filled with action, suspense, and intrigue...





Gathered in these pages are eight stories, written and illustrated by the Masterminds of New Pulp, including Charles F. Millhouse, John C. Bruening, Clyde Hall, Bobby Nash, Candice Comelleri. Damián Avilés, Clayton Murwin, Ted Davies, and many more.

Stormgate Press has put out their fourth issue of Pulp Reality, dated Fall 2022, a year after the previous issue. I think their original plans were for this to come out a little sooner, but things happen. We should see the next issue in 2023.

'Pulp Reality' #4Like the previous issues, it’s a large size at 8.5- by 11-inches and 180 pages, more than last time, though still with eight stories. We also get the return of some characters from the earlier issues, which I was expecting. This time it’s a mix of mercenaries, adventurers, pulp heroes, and more, with a new Captain Hawklin story as well. Each story has an artwork piece.

Editor and publisher Charles Millhouse gives us a weird-western tale, which is cover featured. It has aliens and cowboys and all that. It’s pretty good, though I would have liked a new story with his other characters NightVision (from #2) or Purple Mystique (#3). We did get a nice NightVision pinup in this issue. I think this was done to help promote Stormgate Press’ upcoming Old West collection.

Pulp Reality #4

Captain Hawklin and the Anubis Curse art by Clayton Murwin and cover design by Jeffrey Hayes

January 1939

With the world on the brink of war, Captain Steven Hawklin’s life begins to crumble around him with villains at every turn.

Charged with causing the assault on Crown City by the ruthless pirate Skyhook, Steven is arrested and put on trial. Meanwhile, forces from his past converge on him seeking vengeance.

At his side, are Steven’s most trusted friends including Hardy Miller, Oz Lyman, his half-sister the lovely Juno Li and his Crusaders, pilots of the Clandestine Wing. Adventurers in their own right - perseverant and steadfast but are they up to the challenge to face the dark forces massing against them, and help Captain Hawklin rid himself of the Anubis Curse once and for all?

Find out in the tenth and final book in the action-packed Captain Hawklin Adventures.

Captain Hawklin and the Anubis Curse Cover by Clayton Murwin

Captain Steven Hawklin is known worldwide as an adventurer, explorer, and hero. Mantles put to the test when he is faced with humiliation after the destruction of the Osiris Project.

Unable to face failure, Steven takes a dark path, turning his back on his dreams, his career, and his friends. When he is approached by Alla Sokol, a Russian scientist on the run from her government after the failure of a secret Soviet project, Steven finds a path to his own redemption in the frozen wastelands of Siberia.

They are pursued by a relentless Russian Major, hell bent on eradicating anyone involved in the experiment. Can Steven prevent him from killing Alla, stop the invisible creature created by the insidious research, and deal with his own demons in the process?

Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy is a throwback to times gone by, in the tradition of Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones and the Rocketeer.

Cover Artist: Clayton Murwin

Captain Hawklin and The Invisible Enemy Cover by Clayton Murwin

March 1936Deep in the Amazon Rain Forrest, there is a legend of a lost Mayan city, protected by an army of the dead.

In a desperate pursuit to find the city, Captain Steven Hawklin and his sister, Juno Li are pitted against a ruthless Nazi general with delusions of world domination.

Surrounded by cutthroats and villains at every turn, Steven, and Juno team up with an unlikely hero, as they race across South America to find and protect the secrets of the ancient city.

Captain Hawklin and the Ghost Army is a throwback to yesteryear.

With high-flying action, two-fisted heroes and devilish villains – in the tradition of Doc Savage, Commando Cody and the Rocketeer. 

Cover Artist: Clayton Murwin

Captain Hawklin and The Ghost Army Cover by Clayton Murwin

Loey the Liger #1, or Loey the Liger and the Wizard's Tower, is a 22-page comic adventure about Loey the Liger, the mascot of the League of Enchantment charity cosplay group, written and illustrated by Ryan McConnell, published by YEET Comics.

Loey is a normal liger kid and a HUGE fan of the coolest superhero around, Mighty Tigon! But when she accidentally throws her smartphone into the creepy wizard tower next door while practicing her hero moves, she gets into a strange and magical situation she never would have expected! 







Cover Artist : Clayton Murwin

Loey The Liger Variant Cover # 1 by Clayton Murwin

THE ETERNAL PULPS•Since the days of Homer, people have naturally loved a good story. From the oral traditions of heroic sagas all the way to the traveling minstrels of the Middle Ages and the Penny Dreadfuls and Dime Novels of a burgeoning new continent. People have always enjoyed action adventure yarns. Then in the 1930s they evolved as garishly painted monthly magazines printed on rough, cheap paper and they were christened the Pulps.•Today their heritage continues in both the hundreds of paperbacks that entertain the masses as “populace fare.” There’s nothing high-brow here, just plain old-fashioned entertainment as a new 21st century generation has picked up the mantle to continue those amazing tales. In these pages you will find….•The 222 Writers, Artists, Editors, & PublishersWho together are —•THE WHO’S WHO Of NEW PULP!

Whos Who In New Pulp Magazine

THE BATTLE OF THE IMMORTALS • Angus Drake and Jayne Montrose are immortal, members of a select group of humans endowed with this eerie gift. Throughout the ages they enjoy playing elaborate pranks on one another to alleviate the boredom of their existence. When Jayne is captured by an old rival named Erin De Costa, Drake and chum Warren set off to rescue her.• In 1596 the famous Spanish jeweler and silversmith, Don Jose Damon du Juan created a beautiful carnet for Jayne made of a multifaceted red ruby in a silver setting. Considered one of the finest pieces of art ever created, it was supposedly lost at sea many years later. Erin informs Jayne that “Eye of Dawn” is actually in a museum and wants Jayne to steal it for her. If she refuses, Erin will kill several children she has kidnapped from an orphanage Jayne opened decades earlier and continues to support.•With innocent lives in the balance, the battle of the immortals has begun.

Interior Illustrations Artist: Clayton Murwin

Eye Of Dawn Cover

Korean War Volume 1 
January 5,2014

When the Korean War broke out in June 1950, there were no U.S. Marines on the Korean peninsula. This changed quickly, as elements of the 1st Marine Division arrived in August 1950. This is a story of the Chosin.

Cover Artist , Editor &
Publisher : Clayton Murwin

Corean War Volume 1 Cover by Clayton Murwin

Korean War Volume 2

Hardcover – January 5, 2014

The Korean War (1950 - 1953) is also called the "Forgotten War" by many. Within these pages are the illustrated stories of CPL Rosser who finds himself fighting alone behind enemy lines, Pvt David Mills as he survives being a Prisoner of War at the age of seventeen, a story of Valor with CPL Rodolfo Hernandez, and fly in a Sabre jet with Double Ace Major General Frederick "Boots" Blesse. Each story is told by the soldier who lived them, in their own words.

Cover Artist , Editor & Publisher : 
Clayton Murwin

Korean War Volume 2 Cover by Clayton Murwin

This book is no longer in Print, but you may be able to find a New or Used copy on Amazon or possibly even Ebay

Published by Clayton Murwin and Heroes Fallen Studios
( No Longer in Operation)

USFIA Untold Stories From Iraq & Afghanistan  Graphic novel by Clayton Murwin and Heroes Fallen Studios and many other Collaborators


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