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The Hero Maker at VA Comic Con

Hello,my name is Clayton D. Murwin: I am a Freelance New Pulp Cover Artist / Graphic Artist /Comic book artist. I also Founded & was President of a 501c(3) non-profit organization in V.A. called "Heroes Fallen Studios Inc."  from 2010 -2013 unfortunately it is no longer operating. I am a professionally published artist with over 35 years experience. A lot of my Art work is Fan Art, all the art you will see here is my original work but much of it is based on existing Characters from other sources they retain all copyrights and trademarks to their IP.


 My very first published work was for an independent publisher Red-Zone Comics owned by Toby Swift (creator & owner) for the title "Mind Hunter Omega" I was a co-creator as I developed all of the art ,pencil's, ink's, lettering, coloring, and also story editing. Unfortunately they are no longer producing the comics.


I also penciled a 8 page story in Nathan Thomas Milliner's Comic  "The Malevolent" Book Three. I have penciled portraits of Fallen Heroes for Gold Star families. I was part of the Korean War 60th Anniversary commemorative project and was the project manager for the Graphic Novels for the DOD. We created two 50th Anniversary Graphic Novels titled " Korean War Volume #1 & Korean War Volume #2. which were published by my non-profit Heroes Fallen Studios Inc. I have sold and given away my art to help with these causes.



​My most recently published artworks can be found in "Pulp Reality Magazine " Issue #1, Issue #2 Issue #3 and Issue #4 published by Storm-Gate Press Publishing and can be purchased via Amazon.


I created the Cover Art for Broadswords and Blasters Presents: Futures That Never Were


Also The League of Enchantment's first comic " Loey The Liger "  for which I did a variant cover for the comic, and last but not least , Airship 27's publication "The Eyes Of Dawn" New Pulp Novel with 9 interior illustrations created by me, it is written by Author Brad Sinor

and sold via Amazon.

 I created the Cover Art for Author Charles F. Millhouse's " Captain Hawklin Series the first being "Captain Hawklin & The Ghost Army",  book 8 in the series , "Captain Hawklin & The Invisible Enemy", book 9 in the series And lastly "Captain Hawklin and The Anubis Curse "the final book in the series They can be purchased via Amazon as well.

I also did interior art for "The Journal Of Military Experience" Volume 2 & 3 produced by Travis Martin for which I created several illustrations to accompany Veterans Real Life Stories.
























































































































I was born in Norfolk VA. & grew up in  Florida and N.C.

I have been an artist all of my life and enjoy painting, drawing comics and graphic novels. I presently live in Florida I have a Degree in Computer Graphics & Design, and Freelance as one. I am married to a wonderful British woman  who is originally from England UK  And have been married for 23 years as of June 2023 

Female Barbarian  and Aliens
Pulp Art
Pulp Art
Pulp Art
Pulp Art
Comic Art by Clayton Murwin
Mind Hunter Omega By Clayton Murwin
Korean War Volume 1 Cover by Clayton Murwin
Korean War Volume 2 Cover By Clayton Murwin
Captain Hawklin and the invisible Enemy Cover by Clayton Murwin
Captain Hawklin and The Ghost Army Cover by Clayton Murwin
Captain Hawklin And The Anubis Curse Cover by Clayton Murwin
Art by Clayton Murwin  Journal Of Military Experience
Art by Clayton Murwin  Journal Of Military Experience
Journal Of Military Experience Volume 2 Art by Clayton Murwin
Clayton Murwin Portrait of Soldier and Marine
Pulp Reality 1
Bicep Murwin Batman
Billy Tucci and Clayton Murwin
Toon Me
Clayton Murwin And Collette
Batman Oil Painting Commision
Truth Justice And The American Way
The Eye Of Dawn Novel
Cowboy illo Final.jpg
Western Project 2Final.jpg
Ride Along.jpg
Western Town2Final.jpg
Clayton Murwin & Wife
The Old West lives again in the pages of Spurs & Six Shooters: Tales of the Old West. A collection of nine short stories written by seasoned authors including:  John Bruening, ( The Midnight Guardian Series ) Brian K. Morris ( Vulcana: Rebirth of the Champion ) Cindy Koepp ( Condemned Courier ), Clyde Hall ( The B-Man Adventures ) and Howard Donovan: While introducing new and upcoming writers, Adam Wayne, Ray MacKay Jarrett Mazza and Rob Akers.

With beautiful illustrations by 
Clayton Murwin ( Award Winner for the cover of Pulp Reality Issue #2 ) and a stunning cover by Jeffrey Hayes of plasmafire graphics (Award Winner for the cover of Major Marjorie).

Ride the dusty trails, where the hero always wins, and the villains find justice in the old west.
Interior Illustration by Award Winning Cover Artist
Clayton D. Murwin


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